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What you need to know if you have received a notice or suspension letter from Ottawa Public Health (OPH) about your child’s immunization record.

Posted Thursday February 15, 2018

Posted By: Christine Taylor

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Did you know: According to the Immunization of School Pupils Act, children attending a school in Ontario are required to be vaccinated against specific diseases or have a valid exemption. The purpose of the Act is to ensure that all students are protected from outbreaks of these diseases in school, making it a safer school environment. This law outlines responsibilities for both parent/guardian and Ottawa Public Health.

If you are a parent who has received a notice or a suspension letter about your child’s immunization record, you may be wondering why you received the letter and what you should do next. OPH staff is here to help you and we hope this article helps answer some of your questions.

  • Your child is missing one or more required vaccines and does not meet the Ontario immunization requirements for school attendance.

Your child might be up to date with all of the required immunizations. However, the most recent information has not been updated with OPH.

Here are the things you should do if you have received a letter:

  • Locate your child’s immunization record: Try to find all the documents with your child's past immunization information. In Ontario, most children are given a yellow immunization booklet. Any proof of immunization can help us update your child's record. This may require you to contact your doctor or Health Care Provider.

  • Review the information in the letter or in the Order for Suspension from Attendance: Compare the missing vaccinations listed on the letter with your records to see if your child has received the missing immunizations.  IF they have, please update your record with Ottawa Public Health.

IF they have not received the vaccine:  

  • Make an appointment with your doctor or local Health Care Provider to receive any missing immunizations. Please note that the required vaccines are FREE.

Did you know: Your health care provider does not provide immunization information to Ottawa Public Health.  It is the parents’ responsibility to report to Ottawa Public Health all immunizations that their child receives. 

Update Ottawa Public Health: There are several ways you can provide us with the information:

  • Online: Update the record at, or by using the CanImmunize App (if the child is under 16 only). 
    CanImmunize link:

*It is best to do this as soon as soon as you can. It can take up to 5 business days for information entered online to be added to your child’s record.

  • By telephone: If your child is currently under suspension or is facing suspension in less than 5 business days, the quickest way to update the record is by calling us directly at 613-580-6744.
  • Fax or Mail: As an alternate method, we do accept information by fax or mail. Our fax number is: 613-580-9660.

Our mailing address is:

Immunization Program
Mail Code: 26-44
100 Constellation Drive
Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8

For parents who did not receive a prior notice but your child is suspended: If your child is suspended but you did not receive any notice in the mail, please ensure that your information is up to date with your child’s school. We rely on the addresses provided by the school at the start of the school year.

If you have any additional questions about the information provided in this article visit the FAQ page at for a detailed list of commonly asked questions. If you still have questions after reviewing the information on our website, please call us at 613-580-6744, our staff will be happy to help you.

Written by:

France Venne, RN
Immunization Unit
Ottawa Public Health 

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