Extreme cold weather assistance to homeless persons

The City of Ottawa has developed a plan to respond to the needs associated with extreme cold weather conditions for people who are homeless and or at risk of becoming homeless. The response is organized in partnership with a network of community agencies and groups that provide relevant services.


The Extreme Cold-Weather Initiative is a preventive mechanism to deal with hazardous situations for homeless individuals stranded in extreme cold weather conditions. The following resources are available to respond to this need.

The City's Call Line: 3-1-1 or 613-580-2626

The City's Call Line is available to respond to calls 24 hours a day. Calls are answered by the City of Ottawa Call Centre on a priority basis and referred to appropriate service providers.

Salvation Army Outreach Van

The Salvation Army operates a Mobile Outreach Van and responds to calls made to the City's Call Line.

The van travels a route in the inner city seven days a week, from late afternoon to early hours of the morning and extended hours on the week-end.

City of Ottawa emergency housing

  • Family Shelters, Tel: 3-1-1 (24 hours)

Emergency Shelters

The following shelters have regular emergency programs and will respond to calls as per their respective policies and procedures.

  • Cornerstone: 172 O'Connor Street
    Women's shelter
    Tel: 613-237-4669 (24 hrs), Fax: 613-237-5659
  • Salvation Army: 171 George St. 
    Men's Shelter 
    Tel: 613-241-1573; Fax: 613-241-2818
  • Shepherds of Good Hope: 233 Murray St.
    Men's Shelter; Women's Shelter
    Tel: 613-789-8210; Fax: 613-789-0888
  • The Mission: 35 Waller St. 
    Men's Shelter
    Tel: 613- 234-1144, Fax: 613-234-2813
  • Youth Services Bureau:
    Young Women's Shelter
    Tel: 613-789-8220, Fax: 613-789-9585
    Young Men's Shelter
    Tel: 613-907-8975, Fax: 613-907-8976

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