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The 2018 Festival Season is here and Ottawa Public Health (OPH) would like to assist you in reducing the risk of accidental overdoses at your event.

Ottawa Public Health's free training for festival organizers

Ottawa Public Health and the Sexual Assault Network can support your summer festival and events by providing a free training to security staff, first aid staff, volunteers and festival organizers.

The training can include all or some of the information below. You can make the training your own!

  • Naloxone training
  • Cannabis, including proposed laws and health risks
  • Alcohol and energy drinks
  • Sexual assault prevention
  • Opioids, including how to recognize and respond to an overdose

Call 613-580-6744 to book a free training session for your festival

Where can I get Naloxone?

  • Call 613-580-6744 and OPH can connect you with pharmacists to purchase Naloxone kits and training
  • has a list of participating pharmacies. Call your pharmacy to make sure they have naloxone on hand.

What can festival organizers do to increase safety?

As a festival organizer, there are actions you can take to decrease the risk of overdoses and other drug related harms at your events.
  1. Call 613-580-6744 to book a free harm reduction training for staff and volunteers.
  2. Add to your website, social media and email messaging to festival goers
  3. Share Party Safe messages with your staff, volunteers, attendees on social media
  4. Post resources such as "Anything can be cut with fentanyl" posters and "Signs & Symptoms of Overdose"
  5. Allow attendees to bring naloxone kits onsite
  6. Ensure naloxone trained staff are onsite
  7. Create Policies:
    • Intoxication policies and procedures (ID check, smart serve training)
    • Have low cost non-alcoholic drinks
    • Access to first aid, security and volunteers
    • Reduce risks i.e. lighting, hazards, crowd control
    • Position toilets and health facilities in accessible and well lit areas
    • Provide free water

   8. Encourage staff and volunteers to watch our informative videos that provide an overview of opioids, overdoses and naloxone.


Ottawa Public Health, along with the Ottawa Overdose Prevention Task Force launched this website where you can find more information on drugs and overdoses.

For more ideas and information on planning a safe event, please visit:

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