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For over 125 years, Ottawa Public Health has provided public health programs and services to individuals and communities in Ottawa. We work to develop public policies that make Ottawa and its residents healthier and safer. Protecting and promoting health and preventing disease is part of everything that we do.

OPH is governed by the Board of Health, which is comprised of elected members of City Council and public members. The legal obligations and authority for public health in Ontario are established under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. The Ontario Public Health Standards and Organizational Standards establish the requirements for fundamental public health programs and services. OPH services are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the City of Ottawa and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

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Ottawa Public Health...

Increases quality of life Ottawa residents and prevents chronic diseases:

Protects against environmental health hazards:

  • Conducting restaurant inspections and making all results available online
  • Testing drinking water, and recreational water at beaches
  • Inspecting public pools

Prevents epidemics and the spread of infectious diseases:

  • Managing and preventing the spread of Tuberculosis in the community
  • Conducting vaccination surveillance
  • Providing flu clinics
  • Ensuring rabies control and surveillance
  • Testing and follow-up of sexually transmitted infections
  • Monitoring for West Nile Virus and mosquito control
  • Managing infectious disease outbreaks

Reduces the number of injuries, disabilities and deaths:

  • Delivering road safety programs, including car seat safety and bicycle helmet promotion
  • Providing falls preventions services for seniors
  • Reducing children's risks for poisoning, choking, falls, burns and drowning

Promotes and encourages healthy growth and development of families and children:

  • Helping moms-to-be plan a healthy pregnancy and prevent low birth-weight babies
  • Providing home visits to families with infants and young children
  • Providing support and education to parents and childcare providers

Conducts surveillance:

  • Monitoring health risks in Ottawa that require a local public health response
  • Compiling statistics on diseases
  • Providing health status reports



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