Cycling can be the best part of your day! 

Grab your bike and go! Experience the joy of being outside and the freedom of taking yourself anywhere you want or need to go.

The enjoyment that comes with riding a bike and the effects of exercise can lower depression, stress and anxiety and simply put a smile on your face.

Find out about your mental health fitness by trying this Mental Health Meter

Become more comfortable and confident on the road by increasing your cycling know-how with City of Ottawa bike courses.

Check out these resources to help ease your mind in navigating the roads.

Choose the right helmet for you and learn to how to wear it properly.

Make plans with some friends and family!  Nokia Sunday Bikedays

Visit for tips on Active Transportation and Cycling Safety.

Cycling saves you time!

Get there quickly!  For trips of 7 km or less, cycling is usually the fastest way to travel within the city.  This is especially true in traffic jams or during rush hour!

Plan your route before you ride to save more time!

City of Ottawa Cycling Map

Have too far to go?  No problem, use the OC Transpo Rack and Roll program to complete your trip.

Cycling saves you money!

Pass the gas station because you are the fuel for your bike!  Keep yourself going with the right choices of food and fluids .

Discover just how much money you can save!  Try the Bike Benefit Calculator.

No pocket change necessary, park your bike in Ottawa for free! City of Ottawa Bicycle Parking.

Save on parking fees!  Park your car for free, hop on your bike and complete your journey with the NCC Park and Cycle Program.

Take steps to prevent bike theft, Ottawa Police share their tips.

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