Public Consultations and Surveys

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Ottawa Public Health is committed to understanding and responding to community needs.   Residents, stakeholders and partners can be involved at various levels of work including planning, design and evaluation of programs and services.  

Engagement is an important part of public health; it helps to address and define current and emerging community issues and encourages  creative solutions.  OPH is working with the City of Ottawa to create a virtual engagement community where residents can engage with OPH regarding its various programs and services. Visit for more information.

Current Engagement Opportunities

Peer Parenting Support Program

Speech bubble that reads have your sayPeer support can have a positive impact on parents through social connections, learning opportunities and sharing ways of coping with daily stress and challenges of parenting. That’s what Ottawa Public Health is creating a new program to help connect expecting and new parents and caregivers with those already parenting to share their experiences and know-how

If you’re a parent, a caregiver, and are expecting or even just thinking of having or adopting a child, we would like to hear from you to help plan this program.

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