Community Paramedicine Program: Early Stages of Integrated Mobile Primary Care

Posted Friday January 17, 2020

Posted By: Jeffery Satchwill

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In a move to help reduce 911 activations, prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital and/or reduce the length of time in hospital, the Ottawa Paramedic Service Community Paramedicine Program is working with Health Links to offer integrated mobile care solutions.

Your office may receive a call from a Community Paramedic to collaborate on a client care plan for one of your patients. The client’s coordinated care plan is part of the patient-centered management approach and has the potential to:

  • mitigate a surge of patients in your waiting room, especially during the cold and flu season;
  • Help patients reach their optimum level of independent functioning to help keep them at home longer if they desire; and,
  • improve the health status and overall quality of life of patients, families and caregivers.

The Community Paramedicine Program is building to become part of the new Ontario Health teams initiative to implement new models of care within the community.  The intent is to deliver health care that better connects patients and providers in their communities to improve patient outcomes and therefore improve patient experience. The program is working towards offering a wide variety of services such as:

  • Health education such as preparing for medical appointments and debriefing after appointments;
  • Short-term medical management that could include vital sign monitoring, 12 lead ECG interpretation and blood glucose testing;
  • Assistance with health care system navigation, re-integration into independent living, and referrals to community resources such as personal support services, physical therapists, occupational therapists and more; and,
  • Public safety and support to vulnerable populations during emergency response efforts such as flood response, power outages, adverse weather warnings, etc.

At this time, referrals are primarily through hospital discharge teams, front-line paramedics and community partners. In the interim, program staff is wanting to get the word out that you may be contacted by a community paramedic if one of your patients is referred to the program.  Additional details will follow as the Community Paramedicine program evolves in 2020.

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*Contact information updated as of February 2021 

For further information on the Community Paramedicine program, please contact: 

Community Paramedic Administration Line at 613-580-2651 or


Kelly Cochrane or Kevin Montgomery, Superintendent(s)of Community Paramedicine, Ottawa Paramedic Service 

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