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The big night is fast approaching… time to get ready!

Posted Friday December 21, 2018

Posted By: Christine Taylor

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We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Santa during his busiest time of year to ask him what he keeps in his Emergency Preparedness Kit.

Santa knows that delivering gifts is important; he also understands that being ready is important!

Q: Santa, you’ll be delivering gifts to children all over the world on December 24th. What are some of the most important items in your sleigh?

A: Mrs Claus makes sure that I keep a change of clothes in the sleigh, including a long-sleeved sweater, thermal underwear, socks and warm boots in case I get stuck in a snow storm. 

I also never leave for a trip without a first aid kit. I never know what could happen as I travel around the world at such great speeds! I always bring a fire extinguisher as I never take chances before I slide down the chimney.

Q: What are other “must have” items?

A: Water is the most important thing. I make sure I have at least 2 litres of water per reindeer…and for me too! Let’s face it; it gets hot in Jamaica when you’re wearing a fuzzy red suit and big black boots… 

The elves plan and prepare all year. With so many kids emailing me their wish lists, the elves hate the thought of having their tablets and smartphones run out when we have power outages.

We all have crank radios – to power up our devices, to check into the weather channel, and to stay connected with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Check out NORAD’s Santa tracking site for yourself at 

On Christmas Eve, I always bring a pet emergency kit. It’s well stocked with canned carrots for the reindeer (although they prefer fresh), leashes, poop bags and reindeer games.

The elves make sure we have food and a can opener. I bring Mrs Claus’ favourite, applesauce for us to eat. You know, Santa can only eat so many cookies! Here is a list of what your food kit should contain.

Q: OK Santa. Last question. How do you prepare your sleigh for your long trip?

A: We LOVE the cold and the snow up at the North Pole just like the folks in Ottawa. Not many people know this, but my sleigh has many of the same features as a car – and the elves are great mechanics. Just before we got out on our long trip, they make sure that everything works properly. 
I also have a flashlight with extra batteries - Rudolph usually gets tired after a few hours and needs a little break.

As well, I always bring my compass - You can’t travel around the world in just one night if you don’t know where you’re going!

Santa also has a shovel, flares, triangle reflectors, and an ice scraper. He makes it look easy, but some nights when the weather is bad and the temperature is 30 below, it can get a little rough.

You might want to look at this car checklist before you head out for the holidays.

Remember, do what Santa does, make a list and check it twice.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Adapted from: Ready Georgia 

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