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Posted Friday July 16, 2021

Posted By: Michelle Goulet

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To: Ottawa Family Physicians
Date: July 15, 2021
From: Dr. Trevor Arnason, Associate Medical Officer of Health (AMOH), COVID-19 Vaccine, Ottawa Public Health and Dr. Robin Taylor, AMOH, Physician Engagement, Ottawa Public Health

Dear Colleagues,
This Public Health Alert is specifically for family physicians who practice as part of a patient enrollment model (FHO, FHG, FHN, or CCM). Below, please find information from Ontario Health on how to access a report on the COVID-19 immunization status of your enrolled patients; information from OHIP on how to bill the COVID-19 Vaccine Patient Facilitation Fee Q007; and information on Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine availability for in-office vaccination of patients.

COVID-19 immunization status of your enrolled patients

Ontario Health will be providing all primary care providers who practice as part of a patient enrollment model (FHO, FHG, FHN, or CCM) with a report documenting the COVID-19 vaccination status of enrolled patients. Information regarding this report and how to access it can be found in the memo from Ontario Health attached to this Public Health Alert (available in English only).

Billing Q007 (COVID-19 Vaccine Patient Facilitation Fee)

With the ability to now access patient vaccine status, physicians working in patient enrollment models may be interested in contacting patients who have not yet received a first or second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, to register them for vaccination, or to provide direct assistance in completing patient consent. This Public Health Alert communication provides the formal request from Ottawa Public Health (OPH) for family physicians in the City of Ottawa who practice as part of a patient enrollment model (FHO, FHG, FHN, or CCM) to enable billing of Q007 when applicable. Please see the OHIP Bulletin for more details, as this Q code has specific requirements. OPH is not able to answer OHIP billing questions.

Pfizer vaccine for in-office vaccination of patients 

The Ministry of Health is now making Pfizer vaccines available for primary care providers/family physicians for in-office vaccination of patients. Please email covidvaccinepartners@ottawa.ca if you would be interested in ordering Pfizer for your clinic and your practice has not yet been onboarded to provide vaccines in-office. Note that storage and preparation for Pfizer is slightly different from Moderna and Astra Zeneca/COVISHIELD vaccines. (See Ministry of Health information about handling of mRNA vaccines)

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