Perinatal and Parental Mental health

Download Perinatal and Parental Mental Health guide (PDF)

Here's what we know about perinatal and parental mental health:

  • "It takes a village to raise a child..."
  • We all share a responsibility in supporting parenting practices.
  • Family, friends, culture and community influence an adult's ability to interact positively with children.
    • This circle of support is foundational for a child's optimal growth and development, and their ability to build healthy relationships for life.
  • Parents or caregivers can have a range of emotions and experiences during pregnancy and after the baby arrives.
  • Parent's or caregiver's overall health and wellbeing may have an impact on the developing child.

Within your professional role and considering the social determinants of health, how do you:

  • Discuss how the parent or caregiver is coping and their support system.
  • Discuss if the expectant parent or caregiver is accessing primary health care supports.
  • Explore opportunities for connecting to informal and formal supports (community, neighbourhood, resources, groups).
  • Screen and refer for postpartum mood disorders and other risk factors that may impact perinatal and parental mental health.

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