Sense of Agency

Download Self Agency Guide (PDF)

Here's what we know about Sense of Agency ("I can do it!"):

  • It is the child's ability to make choices and decisions that will influence and have an impact on their life.
  • Children need to develop a strong sense of belonging and self-identity. As they do, they begin to see themselves as capable, competent and valued contributors.

Within your professional role and considering the social determinants of health, how do you:

  • Explore with the parent or caregiver opportunities to support a child to:
    • Make age appropriate choices and decisions in their everyday life.
    • Have opportunities to develop autonomy in safe, nurturing environments and take graduated risks according to their own readiness, abilities and interests.
    • Engage in meaningful interactions, tasks, solving problems, play and exploration.
  • Discuss how the parent or caregiver is coping and their support system.
  • Explore opportunities for connecting to informal and formal supports (community, neighbourhood, resources, groups).
  • Support the parent or caregiver to have realistic age appropriate expectations for their child.
  • Administer an appropriate screening tool to ensure that the child is meeting their expected developmental milestones and refer if applicable.

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