Reporting outbreaks of illness in a school to Ottawa Public Health

Reporting outbreaks and increases in absenteeism to Ottawa Public Health

Increases in absenteeism (30% or more) are reportable to Ottawa Public Health (OPH), who will investigate and implement appropriate measures. Facilities can contact OPH for any health-related concerns or increase in absenteeism even if below the 30% threshold. If children and/or staff are absent with similar symptoms at a rate that is higher than usual for your school, an outbreak may exist.

Report to OPH

If an increase in absenteeism is noted, notify OPH at 613-580-6744, ext 26325, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm or 3-1-1 after hours.

When an outbreak is suspected or confirmed, implement outbreak control measures

  • Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces and common areas
  • Clean and disinfect toys and play areas twice daily and when visibly soiled
  • Exclude ill children and staff
  • If possible, keep ill children in a separate supervised area until a parent or guardian takes them home
  • Be diligent to perform hand hygiene

Do you have children absent with other illnesses?

Refer to the Guidelines for Communicable Disease and Other Childhood Health Issues for Schools and Child Care Centres.

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