Training for Child Care Providers

Last revised: July 12, 2023

Child care plays a key role in creating healthy environments where children learn and thrive. The Child Care Healthy Eating and Active Living Guidelines training and accompanying resources provide information and ideas to put the Guidelines into action.

 On-site workshops

There are currently no on-site workshops available. Meanwhile, please consider our on-line training program. Thank you for your understanding. 

Healthy Eating and Active Living Guidelines Training for Child Care Providers 

This workshop is facilitated by a registered dietitian and physical educator. Through hands-on activities, you will explore ways to create a positive eating environment in which children learn to enjoy healthy foods and help children practice new movements and stay active throughout their day. All participants will receive resources such as activity and lesson booklets with ideas for games that incorporate active play and learning about food and healthy eating. 

Food Skills Training for Child Care Cooks

This workshop is for cooks working in child care settings. The program is offered by Ottawa Public Health in collaboration with Algonquin College Continuing Education Hospitality Studies.  You will develop food skills, knowledge and confidence to plan, prepare and serve healthy meals and snacks in a positive eating environment for children under 5 years of age as outlined in Ottawa's Child Care Healthy Eating and Active Living Guidelines. The program has 4 sessions and each session is 3 hours long.

We can come to you!

We can customize a workshop to your needs and we can even come to your child care location. We require a minimum of 15 participants. Please call us for more information.

Other workshops for child care staff

We run a variety of healthy eating and active living workshop for child care each spring and fall. Please check our website for upcoming dates.

Need more information?

To learn more about the child care trainings please contact Marketa Graham at 613-580-2424 ext. 23649

 On-line training (e-modules)
The on-line training cover a wide variety of topics in nine small segment modules. Part 1 takes about 60 minutes to complete and Part 2 takes about 30 minutes.

To take the on-line training, select the "Child Care Healthy Eating and Active Living Guidelines Training" link below. Then you will be prompt to sign-in and log-on to take the training. 

Part 1 - Child Care Healthy Eating and Active Living Guidelines Training

  • Module 1: Eat, Play, Feel Good
  • Module 2: Families
  • Module 3: The Eating Environment
  • Module 4: A Healthy Menu
  • Module 5: What to Serve
  • Module 6: How to Serve Food Safely

Part 2 - Child Care Healthy Eating and Active Living Guidelines Training

  • Module 7: Active Living Environment
  • Module 8: Active Play
  • Module 9: Physical Literacy

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