Helmet Discount Weekend

Helmet Discount Weekend has gone on-line  – May 2 and 3, 2020

No in-store sales due to COVID-19

The listed retailers have participated in the Helmet Discount Weekend in past years offering discounts on helmets.  Some stores listed below are closed due to the COVID-19 situation, but many retailers are providing on-line, contact-free services.   Please check with your local retailer directly for more details for this years’ Helmet Discount Weekend. 

Helmets help keep everyone protected from serious brain and head injuries by absorbing the force from a fall or hit to the head. 

In Ontario, the Highway Traffic Act makes it mandatory for anyone under the age of 18 to wear a certified helmet while riding a bicycle.  Learning more about helmet safety and safe cycling by taking a cycling course

Find a participating retailer near you


Business / Web site Address 
Bushtukah - Westboro 203 Richmond Road
Bushtukah - Stittsville 5607 Hazeldean Road
Dinardo's Skies & Wheels 44 Northside Road
Euro-Sports 13 Bullman Street
Figure 8 380 Industrial Avenue
Foster’s Sports 305 Bank Street
Fresh Air Experience 1291 Wellington Street West
Full Cycle 401 St. Laurent Boulevard
Giant Orleans 2404 St Joseph Boulevard
Giant Ottawa 1162 Bank Street
Houle Sports 2055 Tenth Line Road
Kunstadt Sports - Glebe 680 Bank Street
Kunstadt Sports - Bank & Heron 1583 Bank Street
Kunstadt Sports - Kanata 462 Hazeldean Road
McCrank’s Cycle 889 Bank Street
MEC 366 Richmond Road
Phat Moose Cycles 98 Hawthorne Avenue
Scooteretti 85 Murray Street
Rebec and Kroes 2639 Alta Vista Drive


65 Sparks Street
Sportek 1020 Pleasant Park Road
Sporting Life 125 Marche Way (Lansdowne)
Tall Tree Cycles 806 Somerset Street West
The Cyclery 1115 Bank Street
Top of the World 158 Rideau Street
Valiquette Source for Sports 1740 Carling Avenue
What to look for when buying a helmet
  • Ensure that the helmet has been safety certified. Look for the certification sticker on the inside or outside of the helmet. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has a standard for bicycle helmets.
  • Never buy a used helmet.
  • Buy a helmet that fits now; not one that a child has to grow into.
What type of helmet should you buy?

Most helmets fit into one of three types:

  • Single impact: 
    • Protects against ONE impact
    • Must be replaced after a crash or hard hit, even if you can’t see any damage
    • Example:  bicycle helmet
  • Multi impact
    • Protects against more than one impact
    • Must be replaced when you see damage
    • Example: hockey helmet
  • Multi Sport:  
    • Take caution when buying a multi-sport helmet.  Check the manufacturer’s label carefully to see which sports it is certified for. 
Make sure the helmet fits
Know the 2V1 rule to fit a bicycle helmet. Put the helmet on the head so it is level and so it is not tilting backwards or forwards. Then check the following:
  • Two fingers distance from helmet to eyebrow.
  • V-shape straps around each ear.
  • One finger between chin and fastened strap.
When do helmets need to be replaced? 
    • After a crash or large impact.
    • When it does not fit anymore.
    • If the helmet has a crack or is dented.
    • When the straps are frayed, torn straps or do not work.
    • Every five years.  The plastics of the helmet dry out and may become brittle over time.  Also, many helmets can only take one impact before they must be replaced.  Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.  Hockey helmets are designed to protect against more than one impact.  They must be replaced when they are damaged, cracked, have loose-fitting or missing liner pieces, or have had a severe blow.  Replace helmets every five years.    

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