Public Health Strategic Plan

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) has heard from communities and clients, partners, employees and Board members about our City's health priorities. These priorities are reflected in OPH’s new Strategic Plan - Protecting our Community’s Health: Ottawa Public Health’s 2019-2022 Strategy and our four Strategic Directions:  

  • Promote mental health and reduce the health and social harms of substance use
  • Drive prevention across the health system
  • Influence the social and physical environments that support health and well-being
  • Maximize potential in people processes and resources

Moving forward, this new strategy will be delivered through annual action plans to keep OPH aligned and focused on our most important and pressing work of driving positive health outcomes in the communities we serve.

This strategic plan will help OPH navigate a period of complex changes while balancing:

  • Our core and strategic work
  • Short and long term goals and health outcomes
  • Access and service delivery across urban, suburban and rural communities and the larger eastern Ontario region.


Illustration of the strategic plan

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