Your Rights

You have the right to:


This means that we will

  1. Respect diversity.
  2. Ask for your consent before we provide services.
  3. Do all we can to meet your needs.
  4. Provide service in English and French.
  5. Tell you the names and roles of employees who provide services to you. We will inform you if a student or trainee is helping you.
  6. Provide you with information before you choose to become part of a research project.
  7. Promote and support breastfeeding..


We protect your personal information.


We are committed to providing you with a safe environment. You have the right to receive information that is

  • accurate, and
  • in words you can understand.

If something unexpected and serious happens due to a service you receive, we will inform you of this.

Resolve Complaints

You have the right to comment and complain about the services you receive. We will inform you about the process, and how to register a comment or complaint.

We expect two things from you:

  1. Courtesy and respect
    We ask you to respect the rights, diversity, safety, and privacy of other people. Treat others with respect, dignity, and courtesy. Call us to cancel or postpone appointments you cannot attend.
  2. Be active in your care
    You are responsible for your own health. Tell us about your health, so we can give you the service you need. Ask questions if the information we give you is not clear.

Comments and Complaints

If you have a comment or complaint, you may:

  • Talk to the person who is providing the service.
  • Ask to speak to a supervisor or manager.
  • Contact Ottawa Public Health by:
    Phone: 613-580-6744
    TTY: 613-580-9656
  • Send a letter to:
    Ottawa Public Health
    100 Constellation Drive
    Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8

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