Healthy Aging and Mental Health

Like our physical health, our mental health changes and develops over our lives. And like our physical health, we can take an active role to care of our mental health.

Two older woman having tea at a table
How to talk about your mental health

Sharing our mental health challenges can help us get support.  Just like with a physical illness, the sooner someone gets help, the better the outcome.

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Reducing stigma

Stigma around mental illness continues to stop people from getting the help and support we all need in these times. Some people with mental illness say the stigma can be even worse than the disease.

Older women having tea at a table
Building your resilience

Resilience helps us to get through challenging times in a positive way and recover afterwards. It can be learned at any time in life! It helps us to recover from illness faster, live longer, have happier and healthier relationships and do better in our daily activities.

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Social connectedness

Being connected with people in our life helps us feel like we belong. It even helps reduce stress, boosts our immune system, lowers blood pressure and can lengthen our life.

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Problem gambling

Is gambling taking a toll on your life? Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of courage. Help is available in Ottawa.

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We all need a little help sometimes here are some local resources.

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