Healthy Eating Active Living Catalogue

The following materials are displays, kits, and games for health promoters and educators, teachers, professionals and health intermediaries.

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Healthy Eating

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Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide 

This display illustrates Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide and provides examples of serving sizes for each of the four food groups.

Canada's Food Guide display

Portable Handwashing Station

The portable handwashing station may be used during activities involving the handling and/or service of food, especialyl when no sink or running water is available nearby the area where food is served.

Handwashing station

Power of Pulses

[PDF 1,543 KB]

The purpose of this kit is to increase knowledge about pulses: the important role of pulses in food, nutrition, and the environment. This kit includes background information for the facilitator. It also includes three interactive games that provide an opportunity for discussion on how to identify different pulses, the health benefits of pulses, and how to buy, store, and prepare meals using pulses.  Power of pulses kit with a variety of legumes and toys for games

Sip Smart!™

This display reinforces the messages children learn in the Sip Smart!™ Ontario classroom educational program by promoting healthy drink choices. Use the wheel and let the students guess how many cubes of sugar there are in a sugar-sweetened beverage. The bright-coloured banner will display what drink choices are best to have every day, sometimes and to avoid.

 Sip Smart display poster

Sugar Shocker


This kit exposes the nutritional and sugar content of popular beverages. Fruit drinks, iced tea, pop drinks, energy drinks, iced coffee, sports drinks, vitamin added water, 100% orange juice, chocolate milk, white milk and water are featured. Packets of sugar illustrate the quantity of sugar in each beverage. An educational guide with key messages is also included.

Sugar Shocker Kit [PDF 2.14 MB]

Liquid Candy Factsheet [PDF 230 KB]

Sugar Shocker Factsheet [PDF 146 KB]

 Sugar shocker kit. A variety of empty drink bottles like energy drinks, fruit juice, and soda with sugar packets infront of it to represent sugar content
Active Living

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2V1 Banner

Outdoor banner on how to properly fit a bicycle helmet. Size: 5 feet by 3 feet.  2V1 banner

Bag of Ropes and Balls

 A bag of various sized playground balls and jump ropes for general physical activity games and activities. Bag of balls and ropes

Fitness Skillastics Game

Fitness Skillastics features 26 fitness exercises covering all four fitness components - flexibility, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, muscle strength and muscle endurance. Each game set comes with an instructions manual on how to set up the game and how to play. Image of fitness skillastic kit that includes a giant dice, balls, and a large board game-style mat

Forever Young at Heart: Rubber Chicken Activity Game

A variety of games and activities that encourage participation and fun using rubber chickens for administrators, teachers and community leaders. Rubber chicken activity game

Omnikin Ball

This gigantic ball comes with set up instructions as well as an electric pump. Omnikin ball

Pause to Play - Reduce Screen Time

This display can be used as an interactive and informative resource at events targeting sedentary behaviour and screen time in children and youth. The display consists of two banners with messaging around sedentary behaviour, screen time and physical activity. In addition there is a “Plinko” game which can be played by dropping a puck down the TV screen into a slot with one of four categories: planning your screen time, alternatives to screen time, consequences of screen time and general questions. Display of two banners about sedentary behaviour and Plinko game


This 4-way Tug-O-War is an effective team builder. Being physically active and developing communication skills by working as a team to develop a strategy is the ultimate goal of this game. It can accommodate a large or small group.   Tug-o-war rope

For Teachers and Educators, refer to the Curriculum Support page for more displays and resources to support delivering the health curriculum.

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