Last revised on May 30, 2023


COVID-19 will continue to spread at different levels in our communities and some people are at higher risk for severe disease or outcomes from COVID-19.

Staying up to date with (COVID-19 and influenza) vaccines, hand washing, physical distancing, masking, and staying home when sick are measures we can continue to use in a layered approach to prevent the risk of getting and spreading COVID-19. Using layers of protection remains especially important to protect yourself if you are at higher risk or you are around people at higher risk.

Continue to assess your risk of severe illness and complications from respiratory infections, like COVID-19, and make informed decisions on using your layers of protection, including masking and physical distancing.

Use of masks

Some settings in our community, like vaccination clinics, healthcare and long-term care settings, may still require masks to protect those in our community at higher risk, so please be prepared to wear a mask if you are visiting a setting where they are required. 

If you have symptoms of respiratory illness, please stay home, limit your contacts with others, and wear a mask if you need to go out to public settings. Please see our web page for more information on isolation instructions and mask recommendations when you have respiratory symptoms.

Some people may continue to wear masks, and others may not. Remember to be kind, understanding and respectful of people’s personal choices. 



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