Meal Programs for Older Adults

Healthy eating is important for aging well. It is a way for you to stay healthy and strong, which is important for your independence and quality of life. Even when shopping and cooking becomes a challenge, healthy eating is still important. Below are options to help make shopping, cooking and eating as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Inclusion of a program or service is for information only and does not imply endorsement from Ottawa Public Health.

At-Home Meal Delivery/Preparation Services

The following organizations will deliver nutritious, balanced meals right to your door. Some also help with grocery shopping and cooking. Check their service area maps or contact the organization directly to make sure you are within their region. All programs charge for their services. 

  • Assurance Home Care: Assisted at-home cooking. 
  • Heart to Home Meals: Frozen meal delivery. You do not need to commit to a regular delivery schedule and can order as often as needed.
  • Meals on Wheels: Weekly frozen meal delivery and daily hot meal delivery on a short or long-term schedule. Serves Central Ottawa area only. 
  • Rural Ottawa South Support Services: Offers Meals on Wheels services, which include weekly frozen meal delivery and daily hot meal delivery. Serves rural South Ottawa/Manotick region only. 
  • Red Apron: Daily hot meal delivery for 2 or more people. Delivery fees change based on your location.
  • Timesaver Foods: Frozen meal delivery. Dates and times are decided by you. 
  • Retire-At-Home: Offers a variety of meal services within the home, including menu planning, grocery shopping and preparation.
  • Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre: Offers Meals on Wheels services, which include weekly frozen meal delivery and daily hot meal delivery. Serves West Ottawa area only.
Community Meal Programs 

These programs are designed to help you meet and connect with others while enjoying a meal together. Transportation can be arranged at some locations upon request. Charges apply.

Food Shopping 

Grocery shopping can be enjoyed with others or on your own. It is also the first step in preparing your meals.

Grocery Buses:

These following centres offer transportation to and from local grocery stores. Charges may apply.

Grocery Delivery:

Certain stores allow you to choose your groceries online and an employee will shop for you. Groceries can be picked up or delivered right to your door. Service charges apply for all deliveries.


The following stores offer discounts for seniors. Check with retailers for more specific information.

Community Kitchens 

Community kitchens are a place for people to come together and cook healthy and economical meals. Recipes and ingredients are often selected as a group and kitchens are supervised by volunteers or staff members.

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