Older Adults and Healthy Aging

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) carries out individual, group and community-level interventions to engage and support older adults in reducing their falls risks and adopting healthy living practices. OPH efforts in addressing seniors' issues are enhanced by our relationships with community agencies and other city departments, for example, the Aging in Place Project in Ottawa Community Housing buildings.

Some of OPH's key activities include:

Better Strength, Better Balance!

Stay active and reduce your risk of falling. Join a Ministry of Health funded exercise program for adults aged 65+.This fall prevention program is delivered by Parks and Recreation & Cultural Services in partnership with OPH. It is offered twice a week for 12 weeks, starting in September, January and April. This is a beginner level class for those wishing to improve strength and balance. Strong muscles, strong bones and better balance will make you more mobile and less likely to fall.

Telephone Advice and Information 

A telephone service for the public to obtain health information and confidential counseling on various topics. To talk with a public health nurse or to find out more about the programs described below, call 613-580-6744 (TTY: 613-580-9656) between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday (closed on statutory holidays). 

Community Awareness

Using a multimedia approach including articles in local newspapers, interstitials and messages on social media - information and tips posted on OPH's website, blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Supportive Environments

OPH participates in key regional and citywide coalitions and committees to support the development of programs and policies that help reduce falls risks and improve overall health of older adults in Ottawa.


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