How to Get Involved

What can you do as a resident to get involved in building healthy communities? 

Health starts in our communities. We can plan, build and use our communities so that people have more opportunities to lead healthy lives.  

What is the built environment? 

The "built environment" includes the human-made design, and layout of the communities in which people live, work and play. 

The built environment is made up of:

  • Neighbourhoods;
  • Homes;
  • Workplaces;
  • Schools;
  • Shops and services;
  • Sidewalks and bike paths;
  • Streets and transit networks;
  • Green spaces, parks and playgrounds;
  • Buildings and other infrastructure;
  • Food systems (the path that food travels from field to fork: the growing, harvesting, processing, transporting, marketing, consuming, and disposing of food).

Ottawa Public Health has released two videos to raise awareness of the link between health and the built environment and highlight how residents can get involved to make changes in their communities.  

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