Staying Independent Checklist a self-screening tool adopted by Public health units and agencies within the Champlain Local Health Integration Network. An older adult or their caregiver can complete, identify their risk for having a fall and discuss their results with their health care provider.

You CAN prevent falls (PDF) is a factsheet to help you make the needed changes to your home and lifestyle to help you stay independent and safe. It includes:

  • A home safety checklist,
  • Tips on how to prevent falls,
  • An action plan to help you decide what you want to change

Learn how to prevent falls – online module. This module is for anyone concerned about older adults who would like to learn valuable information regarding falls and fall prevention.

Take action to manage your health, stay active, eat well, and check your home for fall hazards with the My Falls Action Plan.

Taking Care of My Health: Falls Prevention video campaign.

Ottawa Public Health produced "Taking Care of My Health" Falls Prevention video campaign to increase public awareness of falls in older adults and encourage healthy and safe behaviours to reduce this risk.

The following videos identify four key behaviours in relation to prevention falls among older adults.

Video 1: Preventing falls is easier than standing on your head

Video 2: Prevent falls – make you home safe

Video 3: Eating for healthy bones

Video 4: Report all falls

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