Start Cycling

Cycling is great for your mental and physical health

Cycling helps you to lead an active lifestyle and reach your daily physical activity goals. Mental health benefits include:

  • Lower depression
  • Lower stress
  • Lower anxiety
  • A smile on your face

Explore the joy of being outside and being physically active. Make plans with friends and family to attend Nokia Sunday Bikedays.

Are you an experienced cyclist? Share your joy of cycling with those less able by volunteering: Cycling Without Age

Ride your bike to work and participate in Bike to Work Month every May.

Cycling resources

Education and Safety:

Cycling Trails:

Protect yourself by learning about helmet safety and which helmet is best for you.

Cycling saves you...


Tired of sitting in traffic? Save time by planning your cycling route with the City of Ottawa cycling map.

Have far to go? No problem! Use the OC Transpo Rack and Roll program to carry your bike closer to where you want to go, then complete your trip.


Ottawa has a bike sharing program. Learn more about VeloGO.

Discover how much money you can save by cycling with the Bike Benefit Calculator.

Save on gas! Fuel yourself with the right food and fluid choices.

Updated September 2018

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