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Holiday Time

Posted Monday, October 30, 2017

The holidays are a time for rest, rejuvenation and often getting together with friends and family. They can also be a source of stress as we prepare for big dinners, holiday shopping and all the winter activities that go along with it.

This is a time when we should be thinking about our mental health. Resilience is an important skill that can help us cope in stressful situations.

OPH has created five new mental health videos. These short videos cover:

  • How to talk about mental health
  • Reducing...

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Posted Monday, October 30, 2017

Remember to ‘grow your mo’ to raise awareness for men’s health and promote it within your workplace!

Prostate cancer continues to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Canadian men.

  • 1 in 7 Canadian men is expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime.
  • In 2017, an estimated 21,300 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and 4,100 men will die of prostate cancer.

When cancer is found and treated early, the chances of successful treatment are...

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Fall Prevention Month

Posted Monday, October 30, 2017

November is Fall Prevention Month! Many adults in the workplace are also caring for older loved ones. Share this article with staff so that they can help the older adults in their life stay healthy!

Better Strength, Better Balance (BSBB) is a free exercise program for adults aged 65+.

It is a beginner level program for those wishing to improve their strength and balance. Strong muscles, strong bones and better balance will make people more mobile and less likely to fall.

People can...

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have THAT talk Psychological Health and Safety Video Series

Posted Monday, October 30, 2017

The last three videos we are highlighting in this series are Balance, Psychological Protection & Protection of Physical Safety.

Balance is present when a workers' need for balance between the demands of work, family, and personal life is recognized.

Psychological Protection is present when workers feel able to safely ask questions, seek feedback, report mistakes and problems. Workers also feel safe to propose a new idea without fearing negative consequences to themselves, their...

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