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New Provincial Food Premises Regulation

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) has recently updated the Ontario Food Premises Regulation 493/17 (formerly Reg. 562/90). Below is a short summary of some of the changes that will take effect on July 1, 2018. For a complete list of these changes, visit the MOHLTC’s website: Food Premises (filed as O. Reg. 493/17)

Topic  New Food Premises Regulation 493/17

Disclosure of Inspection reports

(Section 6)
Every operator of a food premise shall ensure that the results of any inspections conducted by a public health inspector are posted in accordance with the inspector’s request.

Food Handler Training

(Section 32)

Every operator of a food service premise shall ensure that there is at least one food handler or supervisor on the premise who has completed food handler training during every hour in which the premise is operating. search Food Handler Certification Course search Food Handler Training and Certification

Food protection

(Section 26)
All food shall be protected from contamination and adulteration and must be processed in a manner that makes the food safe to eat. Food that has previously been served to a customer shall not be re-served, however low-risk food that was previously served in packaging or a container that protects the food from contamination may be re-served if the packaging or container has not been compromised and the food has not been contaminated.

Personal Hygiene

(Section 33)
Every food handler shall take reasonable precautions to ensure that food is not contaminated by hair, refrain from any other conduct that could result in the contamination of food or food areas, and wash hands as often as necessary to prevent the contamination of food or food areas.

Pest control

(Section 13)
Every food premise shall be protected against the entry of pests and kept free of conditions that lead to the harbouring or breeding of pests and shall maintain records of all pest control measures that are undertaken in the premise and shall retain the records for at least one year after they are made.

Temperature Control

(Section 27)

Potentially hazardous food shall be distributed, maintained, stored, transported, displayed, sold and offered for sale only under conditions in which the internal temperature of the food is,

(a) 4° Celsius, or lower; or

(b) 60° Celsius, or higher.


(2) Subsection (1) does not apply,

(a)    to a potentially hazardous food during those periods of time, not to exceed two hours, that are necessary for the preparation, processing and manufacturing of the food.

(b)    to a hermetically sealed food that has been subjected to a process sufficient to prevent the production of bacterial toxins or the survival of spore-forming pathogenic bacteria.

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