Pathway to School (School Readiness)

Last revised: February 10, 2023

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Ottawa has many resources available to support children in their transition to school. The Pathway to School provides resources to use when children are not meeting developmental milestones, have health issues, or are struggling to adapt to school.

To speak to a Public Health Nurse, or for parenting and family support, call 613-PARENTS (613-727-3687).

 Speech and Language
  • First Words Preschool Speech and Language Program (eligible up to March in Junior Kindergarten) 613-PARENTS (613-727-3687)
  • Direct referral to First Words (eligible up to March in Junior Kindergarten) through the CHEO Access Team 613-737-2757, 1-800-565-4839, Fax: 613-738-4841 or through the First Words Communication Checkup: Parents complete online screening for immediate results and referral.
 Dental and Nutritional Health
 Fine/Gross Motor Development
 Hearing and Vision
  • Hearing: Visit Primary Care Practitioner for referral
  • Annual eye exam: Visit an optometrist (covered by OHIP)
  • Eye See Eye Learn (Complimentary glasses for eligible 4-year olds) 1-800-540-3837
 Social and Emotional Development
Other Resources

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