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Ottawa Public Health (OPH) is mandated under the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act and the Ontario Public Health Standards to inspect sleeping quarters, sanitary facilities and waterfront areas of recreational camps to ensure compliance with the O.Reg. 503/17: Recreational Camps and to reduce the risk of injury and waterborne illness. 

Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) inspect recreational camps, including any waterfront areas, both on a routine and complaint-related basis to ensure any infractions are corrected in a timely manner. A report about each inspection is prepared and posted online, and includes outstanding infractions at the conclusion of the inspection. If necessary, follow-up inspections are conducted to ensure compliance. Inspection reports are uploaded to the website within two business days after they are completed and remain on OPH's disclosure website for two years.

If you have any questions about or if you are concerned about the safety at a recreational camp please call 613-580-6744, Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. or by email at

Inspection results are also available on the City of Ottawa's Open Data Catalogue.

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Important: to report an immediate hazard to people or property, call 3-1-1. 

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