Where To Be Active

Spend time in nature!

Being active in nature feels great and can improve your physical and mental health all year round! Activities such as walking or gardening can increase creativity, boost learning and decrease stress. In the winter, take a walk, go skating, snow shoeing, or skiing to get some active time outdoors.

Prepare for your time in nature by wearing sunscreen and insect repellent and by learning which plants may be harmful. If you are spending time outdoors, consider UV and air quality. You can find out about air quality from the government of Ontario and check the UV index at the weather network.

There are science backed reasons to get outside immediately.

Nature trails in Ottawa

There are many beautiful trails around Ottawa. Check out these links to paths and trails for the beginner to expert hiker:

Map of public and portable washrooms

Parks and Recreation programs

Ottawa has many parks that are great for walking and playing. Find a park near you.

Find a City of Ottawa recreation program offered in your neighbourhood.

Active Transportation and the Built Environment

What is Active Transportation?

Active transportation is getting yourself from one place to another using human-power like walking, cycling, or skateboarding. It is also walking to and from the bus stop. Consider walking, biking or using transit – a healthy choice!

What is the Built Environment?

The built environment is how we design and layout the communities where people live, work and play. A healthy built environment can promote being active and other healthy habits.

Safety in sports

Everyone who takes part in sports has the right to be safe.

The Government of Canada has announced plans develop two new resources in 2019 to make sports at all levels more inclusive and safe for Canadians:

  • a comprehensive Code of Conduct for Sport in Canada
  • a new Gender Equity Secretariat to manage abuse, discrimination and harassment cases.

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