Operating a Food Business

The City ensures a high level of food safety in area restaurants, cafeterias, and other food premises is maintained through regular inspections. Public health inspectors monitor all aspects of food operation to confirm that businesses are complying with provincial regulations. The inspectors also make sure any deficiencies are quickly corrected.

Opening or renovating a food business

Prior to opening your food premises, Public Health approval is required.

Through the required review of your facility plans and proposed menu we can help ensure that your equipment and refrigeration are sufficient for your needs. Proper equipment and layout ensures a well- run, economically viable operation that protects the public's health. We provide information and advice to you and your staff during inspections of your facility. We also offer food handler training courses. Inspections and training programs are in place to help prevent problems from occurring within your food premises. You and the Public Health Inspector share a common goal - to serve safe, quality food to the public.

Food Premises Regulations

Operating a food premises in Ontario falls under Regulation 493/17 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act. Public Health Inspectors conduct inspections of premises serving food to the public under this act and its regulations.

When you submit your application, please remember to include:

  1. Building and Equipment Plan
  2. Brief Description of Your Proposed Operation
  3. Menu: Provide a sample menu for your establishment. What you plan in your menu has an important impact on the layout of your facility and the equipment needed.

Your menu selection will determine:

  • Type and number of refrigeration units needed
  • Type and number of freezer units
  • Hot holding equipment necessary for safe handling of foods to be served hot
  • Flow process of foods through your facility.
  • Display units for ready-to-eat foods

Please complete the Food Premises Application Form and send along with three copies of your plans to the following addresses:

Ottawa Public Health
Environment & Health Protection Division
100 Constellation Crescent 8th Floor East (26-46)
Nepean, ON K2G 6J8
Tel: 613-580-6744
Fax: 613-580-9648

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