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Do you have any questions or concerns about nutrition and health? Do you need help sorting through the nutrition information out there? Do you want support to make lifestyle changes? Ask a registered dietitian!


You can speak to a Registered Dietitian at no cost and no referral is needed by calling Health811 or visit the website to start achat.  

Find a Dietitian 

You can also find a private practice dietitian near you by visiting Dietitian of Canada's Find a Dietitian search tool. You can search by postal code, city, and/or health condition. Referral by a physician is not necessary; however, a fee will be charged for all services. Many insurance plans cover the cost of registered dietitian services.

 Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist?
A registered dietitian is not the same as a nutritionist. Dietitians are nutrition specialists who hold a Bachelor's degree in foods and nutrition from an accredited university and have completed supervised practical training. The titles “RD” in English or “Dt.P” in French are protected and regulated by the College of Dietitians of Ontario to protect the public and assure the highest professional standards. In Ontario, “nutritionist” is not a protected title. However, in public health in Ontario, the Public Health Nutritionist is a registered dietitian who also holds a Master's degree in nutrition or related area from an accredited university. Choose a registered dietitian as your expert in foods and nutrition.
Registered Dietitians at Ottawa Public Health 
Registered dietitians at Ottawa Public Health are responsible for coordinating and facilitating partnerships between public health and other sectors of the community. They provide information and resources on food and nutrition to the public as well as assess and develop healthy eating guidelines and policies for organizations. The Ottawa Public Health dietitians do not provide one-on-one consultations with residents.

Registered Dietitians in Community Health Centres

Dietitians in Community Health Centres work with individuals, families, and community groups to support healthy eating and promote wellness. They offer nutrition counselling and group programs on a variety of nutrition topics in partnership with other health professionals. In addition, programs that help increase access to healthy foods are available to all clients.                                                                                                                                                       

Please note that some of the nutrition services are only available by referral for clients who are registered with the community health centre and/or are living in the centre’s catchment area. Please visit the centre’s website for program information and events.

Registered Dietitians in Family Health Teams

Dietitians in Family Health Teams work with other primary health care providers to support individuals and families to eat well and improve their health. They offer individual nutrition counselling and group programs for rostered patients.

Community Diabetes Education Program

The Community Diabetes Education Program of Ottawa offers free individual or group sessions to members of the community living with pre-diabetes or diabetes. Services are available for adults 18 years of age or older living with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Classes are regularly offered in French, English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Classes in Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Somali are also offered as needed.

Registered Dietitians in Hospitals

Registered dietitians in hospitals assess, plan, and monitor nutrition interventions for patients who are sick and for patients requiring special diets due to a medical condition. A referral from a physician is required to see a dietitian in a hospital.

Eating Disorder Services

Registered dietitians work with other healthcare professionals to provide specialized treatments and services for people with eating disorders and their families.


Hopewell provides community education programs and referral centres for teens, adults and their families. Registered dietitian services at Hopewell are not covered by OHIP; fees may apply.

For more information, call 613-241-3428.

The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Regional Eating Disorders Program

This program offers expertise assessment and treatment services for youth under 18 years of age with moderate to severe eating disorders. A referral from a physician or paediatrician is required.

For more information, call 613-737-7600 ext. 5890.

The Regional Centre for the Treatment of Eating Disorders

This centre, located at The Ottawa Hospital General Campus, provides services for adults 18 to 64 years of age with severe eating disorders in the Ottawa region and Eastern Ontario. Treatment options include intensive day programs, and outpatient programs. A referral from a physician is required.

For more information, call 613-737-8042.

UnlockFood (formerly EatRight Ontario) provides content on nutrition, food, and healthy eating. It provides resources on chronic disease prevention, recipes, shopping, meal planning, and more. 

College of Dietitians of Ontario

The College of Dietitians of Ontario regulates and supports dietitians in the interest of the public. Consult the Register of Dietitians for more information on the dietitians in your area.

Dietitians of Canada

Dietitians of Canada develop standards and resources to support dietitians in their practice and to promote better access to trusted food and nutrition information. They offer information on dietitians across Canada, on various nutrition topics, and on initiatives such as Nutrition Month.

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