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Food Skills Factsheets

A Guide to Choosing Grains [PDF 636]

  • Tips for choosing healthy grains.

Best Buys at the Grocery Store [PDF 440 KB]

  • Tips for filling your grocery cart with healthy, money-smart choices.

Cooking with Herbs and Spices [PDF 836 KB]

  • Herbs and spices add flavour and variety to food.

Everybody's Food Budget 

  • This resource will help you learn the basics about food selection, purchasing, storage and preparation.

Food Skills Questionnaire [PDF 324 KB]

  • Food skills are necessary for people who provide and prepare nutritious meals for themselves and their households.

Fundraising to Promote Health [PDF 147 KB]

  • Tips and ideas for healthy fundraisers.

Healthy Eating Booklist for Children [PDF 542 KB]

  • List of books for children that focus on food – growing, preparing and eating.

Healthy Food Choices at Meetings [PDF 458 KB]

  • Guidelines for healthier food options at meetings.

Ingredient Substitutions [PDF 275 KB]

  • If you are missing an ingredient, you may have something in your kitchen that you can use instead.

Kitchen Safety Tips [PDF 260 KB]

  • Be safe in the kitchen by following these easy tips.

Knife Handling and Safety [PDF 255 KB]

  • Knives are useful tools for preparing food, but they can also be dangerous.

Liquid Candy [PDF 252 KB]

  • Amount of sugar in pop in a variety of sizes.

Loving Your Leftovers [PDF 326 KB]

  • Leftovers save money and time and also helps reduce food waste.

Microwave Cooking [PDF 325 KB]

  • Microwave cooking is a fast and easy way to thaw, cook and reheat foods.

Mission Healthy Bones! [PDF 360 KB]

  • List of good sources of calcium and vitamin D for strong bones and teeth.

Power of Pulses [PDF 2 MB]

  • Pulses are nutritional powerhouses that taste great, are low in cost, and are good for the environment.

Put a Spin on Spinach and Squash [PDF 998 KB]

  • Get the most out of local fresh spinach and squash.

Sugar Shocker [PDF 237 KB]

  • List of common drinks and the amount of added sugar per drink.

Try Legumes, You'll Love Them [PDF 713 KB]

  • Legumes are the family of peas, beans, lentils and peanuts.


Big Batch Vegetarian Chili [PDF 128 KB]

  • This recipe freezes well! Makes about 16 cups (4 litres)

Black Bean and Corn Salad [PDF 173 KB]

  • Vegetarians and those who want to cut down on the amount of meat can eat more plant-based proteins, like legumes

Crisp and Spicy Baked Fries [PDF 53 KB]

  • Make your own signature fries by experimenting with a variety of spices

Fruity Flax Smoothies [PDF 59 KB]

  • A quick and tasty smoothie with a nutty fruity flavour. Makes 2 large glasses

Healthy Salad Dressing [PDF 48 KB]

  • Add dressing to your favourite salad. A typical serving size is 1 tablespoon or 15 ml. 

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