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It's never too late to quit!

If you are considering quitting or cutting back, know that it’s the best thing you can do for your overall health and quality of life. The benefits start right away, even if you are over 55.   

The Benefits of Quitting

When you quit, your body starts to heal itself almost immediately. No matter how long you’ve been smoking, your health will improve when you quit and your body will start to repair itself. 

If you have a smoking-related health problems, you can still benefit from quitting. If you have a respiratory disease like COPD, quitting can slow the progression of your disease. Other benefits of quitting include slowing down respiratory disease, a reduced risk of dementia, cancer, heart attack, heart disease and stroke.

The benefits of quitting increase over time as your body heals itself. Did you know that 24 hours after quitting, your risk of having a heart attack starts to drop? Click here for more benefits of quitting.  

Every attempt at quitting will increase your chance to become smoke free. Most people that use tobacco want to quit and have tried to quit several times. Quitting smoking is a process that takes practice. It takes more than will power; it is about finding what works for you and putting those tools to work to reach your goal of becoming smoke-free.

Develop a quit plan and seek professional support. This increases your chances of quitting and remaining tobacco free.

Quitting Smoking

If you are ready to quit smoking, or you are thinking about quitting, help is available. 

See tips from successful quitters! 

For information on quitting smoking services, click here

Help Someone Quit 

Want to help a loved one quit smoking? While this is their decision, having the support of their friends and family can make quitting easier and their victories more enjoyable. Here are a few tips to help you.

The Canadian Cancer Society also has some tips you can find here.

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