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Updates for Publicly Funded Immunization Schedules for Ontario

  • A decline in routine immunization jeopardizes population protection through herd immunity which is concerning for recurrence of vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Key updates regarding immunizations and guidance on alternative schedules of vaccination are available on the Ministry of Health website, including the updated  Publicly Funded Immunization Schedule and Guidance for Routine and Catch-up Immunization Services
  • The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in intermittent province-wide school closures causing disruptions in the School-based Immunization Program. Ottawa Public Health is working to implement "catch-up" strategies to resume school-based vaccination in the subsequent school years.

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How to Open Vaccine Diluent Ampoules: Manufacturer Instructions

  • There are reports of instances where MMR, MMRV and Varicella vaccine diluent Open Point Cut (OPC) system ampoules (Priorix®, Priorix Tetra® and Varilrix®) are breaking when opening the vials.  
  • Instructions from the manufacturer on opening Priorix®, Priorix Tetra® and Varilrix® vaccine diluent ampoules are available in PDF and video format on our Ottawa Public Health site.  .

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Professional Development Opportunities

  • Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) in Primary Care: New PHO Community of Practice
    • Starting in October 2022, Public Health Ontario (PHO) is hosting quarterly community of practice (CoP) meetings to support Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) programs in primary care settings.
    • The focus will be on using the Core IPAC checklist for clinical settings to help assess baseline IPAC programs.
    • October sessions will be held on several dates and times for different regions. Register here for the East Primary Care CoP. You can submit questions in advance when registering.

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