Beach Water Quality Results

August 30, 2021 - Water testing at Ottawa beaches is now over for the season. The City of Ottawa no longer has supervised swimming at these public beaches.

Beach Water Quality Testing at the City of Ottawa Supervised Beaches

Water samples will be collected daily from City of Ottawa supervised beaches between June 19 and August 29, 2021 and tested for the presence of E. coli bacteria. When elevated levels of E. coli are detected in the water, it is more likely that other disease-causing organisms are also present. These organisms can result in skin, ear, throat or gastro-intestinal illnesses. 

Beaches and COVID-19 Transmission

Swimming at the City of Ottawa public beaches is not considered to be an important risk for transmission of COVID-19.  Water is not a favoured route of transmission for the virus that causes COVID-19. This virus preferentially transmits short distances (up to two metres) through the air by respiratory droplets from an infected person (from coughing, sneezing, shouting, singing, talking, breathing), by direct  contact with an infected person or by contact with a surface that an infected person has touched (and now, contaminated fingers bringing the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth).

To minimize transmission of COVID-19 when at a public beach or park:

  • Practice physical distancing from others in changerooms, washrooms and wear a mask for added protection in areas you cannot maintain at least 2 metres from others not in your group. 
  • When in the water, on the shorelines and enjoying the park and picnic areas, practice physical distancing. While the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is much less outdoors than indoors, when there is significant crowding, as there could be at a pool or beach, there is greater concern about spread.
  • Physical distancing, wearing face masks, staying home when sick, and practicing good hand hygiene remain the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Beach water test results 

Water test results are not available immediately as they take at least 18 hours to process in the laboratory. For this reason, swim advisories are issued based on water sample results from the previous day, as well as our knowledge of water quality at each beach in previous years and how they react to factors such as rainfall and bird activity. Ottawa Public Health will not recommend swimming at beaches if: 

  • the geometric mean of 5 water samples taken on the previous day is greater than 200 E. coli per 100mL of water (Ontario water quality standard for beach water quality);
  • there is a significant rainfall event; or
  • we are aware of a situation that could impact the water quality at a beach.

For information on the City of Ottawa Beaches visit the City of Ottawa website.

For more information on the Beach Water Quality Monitoring Program, call Ottawa Public Health at 613-580-6744 and ask to speak with a Public Health Inspector.

Swim icon Swim

Red caution symbolSwimming not recommended

  • Swim in the supervised area. Lifeguards are on duty from noon to 7pm every day during the supervised swimming season.
  • Avoid going into water with an open wound.
  • Don't swallow the water or take it in your mouth. It is best to keep your head out of the water.
  • Shower as soon as possible after swimming and dry ears thoroughly with a towel. 
  • Wash hands carefully with soap and treated water or use alcohol-based hand rub after playing in the sand, and before preparing foods or eating.
  • As a precaution, take children to the toilet before entering the water. 

If you choose to wade into the water:

  • Avoid going into water with an open wound.
  • Don't swallow the water or take it in your mouth. It is best to keep your head out of the water.
  • Shower as soon as possible after using water.
  • Wash hands carefully with soap and treated water or use alcohol-based hand rub after playing in the sand, and before preparing foods or eating.

Tips for staying safe around lakes and rivers.

Tips to stay cool during a Heat Warning 


Previous results for 2021

Date Britannia Westboro Beach Mooney's Bay Petrie Island East Bay Petrie Island River Beaches 

August 29, 2021


31(swim) 165(swim) 315(swimming not recommended) 76(swim)

August 28, 2021


23(Swim) 236(Swimming not recommended) 37(Swim) 47(Swim)

August 27, 2021


351(Swimming not recommended) 36(Swim) 86(Swim) 85(Swim)

August 26, 2021


100(Swim) 68(Swim) 55(Swim) 58(Swim)

August 25, 2021


153(Swim) 42(Swim) 133(Swim) 65(Swim)

August 24, 2021


37(Swim) 74(Swim) 734(Swimming not recommended) 46(Swim)

August 23, 2021


110(Swim) 35(Swim) 298(Swimming not recommended) 95(Swim)

August 22, 2021


81(Swim) 66(Swim) 204(Swimming not recommended) 43(Swim)

August 21, 2021


108(Swim) 57(Swim) 389(Swimming not recommended) 109(Swim)

August 20, 2021


146(Swim) 48(Swim) 305(Swimming not recommended) 63(Swim)

August 19, 2021


124(Swim) 29(Swim) 80(Swim) 97(Swim)

August 18, 2021


129(Swim) 29(Swim) 757(Swimming not recommended) 159(Swim)

August 17, 2021


162(Swim) 25(Swim) 148(Swim) 84(Swim)

August 16, 2021


79(Swim) 25(Swim) 140(Swim) 122(Swim)

August 15, 2021


234(Swimming not recommended) 803(Swimming not recommended) 273(Swimming not recommended) 229(Swimming not recommended)

August 14, 2021

70 (Swim)

107 (Swimming not recommended (rainfall)) 22(Swim) 150(Swim) 140(Swim)

August 13, 2021


384(Swimming not recommended) 40(Swim) 166(Swim) 46(Swim)

August 12, 2021


272(Swimming not recommended) 150(Swim) 469(Swimming not recommended) 121(Swim)

August 11, 2021


519(Swimming not recommended) 40(Swim) 483(Swimming not recommended) 202*(Swim)

August 10, 2021

216(Swimming not recommended)

137(Swim) 22(Swim) 645(Swimming not recommended) 62(Swim)

August 9, 2021


112(Swim) 24(Swim) 1000(Swimming not recommended) 31(Swim)

August 8, 2021


59(Swim) 10(Swim) 201(Swimming not recommended) 64(Swim)

August 7, 2021


529(Swimming not recommended) 23(Swim) 88(Swim) 79(Swim)

August 6, 2021


425(Swimming not recommended) 27(Swim) 367(Swimming not recommended) 64(Swim)

August 5, 2021


208(Swimming not recommended) 28(Swim) 88(Swim) 50(Swim)

August 4, 2021


154(Swim) 20(Swim) 90(Swim) 27(Swim)

August 3, 2021


96(Swim) 11(Swim) 179(Swim) 42(Swim)

August 2, 2021


30(Swim) 22(Swim) 53(Swim) 39(Swim)

August 1, 2021


77(Swim) 349(Swimming not recommended) 103(Swim) 40(Swim)

July 31, 2021

624(Swimming not recommended)

69(Swim) 19(Swim) 121(Swim) 70(Swim)

July 30, 2021


41(Swim) 25(Swim) 121(Swim) 57(Swim)

July 29, 2021


65(Swim) 34(Swim) 219(Swimming not recommended) 73(Swim)

July 28, 2021


196(Swim) 263(Swimming not recommended) 338(Swimming not recommended) 52(Swim)

July 27, 2021


432(Swimming not recommended) 16(Swim) 272(Swimming not recommended) 92(Swim)

July 26, 2021


966(Swimming not recommended) 36(Swim)  39(Swim)  135(Swim) 

July 25, 2021


72(Swim) 19(Swim)  50(Swim) 22(Swim) 

July 24, 2021


854(Swimming not recommended) 11(Swim) 64(Swim) 53(Swim)

July 23, 2021


414(Swimming not recommended) 21(Swim) 249(Swimming not recommended) 107(Swim)

July 22, 2021


956(Swimming not recommended) 168(Swim) 818(Swimming not recommended) 566(Swimming not recommended)

July 21, 2021

341(Swimming not recommended)

1000(Swimming not recommended) 43(Swimming not recommended (rainfall)) 234(Swimming not recommended) 82(Swimming not recommended (rainfall))

July 20, 2021


482(Swimming not recommended)  113(Swim)  410(Swimming not recommended)  74(Swim) 

July 19, 2021


145(Swim) 22(Swim) 395(Swimming not recommended) 93(Swim)

July 18, 2021


868(Swimming not recommended) 25(Swim) 684(Swimming not recommended) 42(Swim)

July 17, 2021


65(Swim) 71(Swim) 102(Swim) 34(Swim)

July 16, 2021


154(Swim) 55(Swim) 105(Swim) 80(Swim)

July 15, 2021


931(Swimming not recommended) 84(Swim) 219(Swimming not recommended) 108(Swim)

July 14, 2021


43(Swim) 24(Swim) 952(Swimming not recommended) 133(Swim)

July 13, 2021


110(Swim) 40(Swim) 370(Swimming not recommended) 108(Swim)

July 12, 2021


27(Swim) 24(Swim) 123(Swim) 68(Swim)

July 11, 2021


26(Swim) 25(Swim) 139(Swim) 173(Swim)

July 10, 2021


184(Swim) 98(Swim) 434 (Swimming not recommended) 144(Swim)

July 9, 2021


(Swimming not recommended 



(Swimming not recommended 



(Swimming not recommended 



(Swimming not recommended 



(Swimming not recommended 


July 8, 2021


53(Swim) 10(Swim) 25(Swim) 63(Swim)

July 7, 2021


535 (Swimming not recommended) 30(Swim) 180(Swim) 157(Swim)

July 6, 2021


19(Swim) 23(Swim) 31(Swim) 47(Swim)

July 5, 2021


11(Swim) 19(Swim) 131(Swim) 49(Swim)

July 4, 2021


15(Swim) 11(Swim) 40(Swim) 46(Swim)

July 3, 2021


41(Swim) 17(Swim) 286(Swimming not recommended) 118(Swim)

July 2, 2021


16(Swim) 18(Swim) 19(Swim) 63(Swim)

July 1, 2021


208(Swimming not recommended) 45(Swim) 91(Swim) 59(Swim)

June 30, 2021


118(Swim) 20(Swim) 42(Swim) 39(Swim)

June 29, 2021


82(Swim) 37(Swim) 95(Swim) 156(Swim)

June 28, 2021


189(Swim) 72(Swim) 26(Swim) 112(Swim)

June 27, 2021


10(Swim) 22(Swim) 15(Swim) 37(Swim)

June 26, 2021


(Swimming not recommended 



(Swimming not recommended 



(Swimming not recommended 



(Swimming not recommended 



(Swimming not recommended 


June 25, 2021

10(Swim) 10(Swim) 15(Swim) 11(Swim) 32(Swim)

June 24, 2021

12(Swim) 14(Swim) 11(Swim) 11(Swim) 44(Swim)

June 23, 2021

31(Swim) 43(Swim) 48(Swim) 14(Swim) 65(Swim)

June 22, 2021

119(Swim) 29(Swim) 14(Swim) 31(Swim) 51(Swim)

June 21, 2021

16(Swim) 25(Swim) 15(Swim) 20(Swim) 90(Swim)

June 20, 2021

44(Swim) 55(Swim) 24(Swim) 15(Swim) 61(Swim)

June 19, 2021

 79(Swim) 10(Swim)  12(Swim) 14(Swim) 23(Swim) 

The City of Ottawa Open Data keeps Beach water sampling data from previous years. 

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