Multilingual Mental Health Resources for Diverse Communities

Last revised: August 8, 2023

Multilingual mental health videos

Are you looking for ways to help your mental health during this challenging time? Please watch these videos for ideas of ways to support your mental health and that of your loved ones. These videos are available in English, French, Somali, Arabic and Mandarin.

A number of things can affect your mental health and cause stress. Find out what you can do to cope and be more resilient.

Certaines choses peuvent nuire à notre santé mentale et entrainer du stress. Découvrez ce que vous pouvez faire pour faire face et être plus résilient.


يوجد العديد من العوامل التي يمكن أن تؤثر على صحتك النفسية وتسبب التوتر. . اكتشف ما يمكنك فعله للتعامل مع الوضع وتخطي الضغوطات 

Waxyaabo badan ayaa beddeli kara caafimaadkaaga maskaxda oo war-war keeni kara. Baro dhamaanteen waxaan sameyn karno si aan uga gudubno caqaabadaha nolosha ee dhibaatooyinka keeni kara.

If you or someone you know is struggling, there is help in our community. Here is some information about where to get help and things you can do to stay mentally well.

Some services are available in Somali, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish as well as English and French. 

Mental Health Support
English Mental Health, Addictions and Substance Use Health Support (PDF - 211 KB)
Français (French) Soutien en santé mentale, dépendances et santé liée à l'utilisation de substances (PDF - 216 KB)
العربية (Arabic) استخدام المواد الصحة العقلية والإدمان ودعم صحة (PDF - 308 KB)
中文 (简体) (Simplified Chinese) 心理健康,成瘾和物质使用健康资源 (PDF - 590 KB)
中文 (繁體) (Traditional Chinese) 心理健康,成癮和物質使用健康資源 (PDF - 704 KB)
Soomaali (Somali) Taageerada Caafimaadka Maskaxda iyo Daroogooyinka (PDF - 272 KB)
Español (Spanish) Apoyo a la salud mental, adicciones y salud relacionado con el uso de sustancias (PDF - 239 KB)
Русский (Russian) Психическое здоровье, зависимость и поддержка в случае употребления наркотических веществ (PDF - 272 KB) 
українська (Ukrainian) Психічне здоров’я, залежність і підтримка в разі вживання наркотичних речовин (PDF - 271 KB). 

Visit our Mental Health, Additions & Substance Use Health Services and Resource web page and our section for newcomer and diverse populations for more information and resources tailored to support diverse communities.

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