Secure your substances (drugs) and medication

Last revised: March 11, 2024

Substances (drugs) and medications found in your home can cause serious harms to children. There has been an increase in accidental cannabis poisoning in children since legalization.

Children are curious and like to explore. You can reduce the risk of your children getting access to substances (drugs) and medication by securing them in a locked location, out of sight and not in a location that is accessible to them. Check regularly for expired medications and safely dispose them by returning them to the pharmacy.

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Where do I return my unused or expired medications?

Watch for missing medication and return unused or expired medications to your pharmacy or at a pharmacy participating in the Ontario Medication Return Program using this searchable map from the Ontario Medications Return Program.

Need help? 

If you or your child has accidentally consumed substances (drugs) or medication, contact the Ontario Poison Control Centre at 1-844-764-7669. 

Learn more about substances (drugs) and medication safety for babies and toddlers and children.

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